1. How does TotalToolbar work with other 3rd party toolbars?

TotalToolbar should not affect any other extension's toolbar, nor should it affect Customize mode if used by that extension. A 3rd party toolbar can be made to work with TotalToolbar, but several conventions need to be followed.

2. Toolbars are set to show in Fullscreen mode, but don't - why?

If the Fx pref browser.fullscreen.autohide is set to true, all toolbars, tabbar, and statusbar will be hidden in Fullscreen (F11) mode. Set the pref to false, then use TotalToolbar right click context menu Toolbar Properties to set finer control on which toolbars to show/hide in Fullscreen mode.

3. How about Tabs Toolbar in a vertical location?.

A vertical location for Tabs Toolbar is not enabled. Specific extensions do a much better job and TotalToolbar has been made to specifically work with the TreeStyleTabs extension.

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